pixieApps, part 2

In my last blog post I reviewed the pixieApps.  When I did that review I had not used them for very long before writing it.  Now that I’ve used them more I am going to make a second blog post about other things about them.  There’s a nice “set padlock” feature that will password protect each of the apps.  The annoying thing about that feature is when it asks for the password the default selected item is visible behind the password enter window.  When I try to select all the text in a textbox usually I drag my mouse from the right side to out the left side of the textbox, but with the textboxes in the pixieApps it will deselect everything if I drag outside of the textbox.  I understand that this is a “problem” with Adobe Air, not the pixieApps.  I like the installation process on Windows, it doesn’t take much time, just a few clicks to install Adobe Air and then the app.

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