Cheap DIY Whiteboard

About a week ago I felt an urge to get a big whiteboard for my room.  The only problem I had was the price.  I didn’t feel like going out and spending $100 on something that I didn’t need.  So I searched online randomly and found other people suggested tileboard or showerboard.  The only tileboard I could find locally was at Lowe’s for a 2.7’x4’ sheet for about $9.  So I went into the store and found panelboard for only about $12 for a 4’x8’ sheet.  It did have a few dents in it, but not big ones.  I built a custom frame from some extra plywood that was lying around and mounted it to a wall with a picture frame holder.  The whole thing ended up costing about $20 rather than $200 for a whiteboard of the same size.  It’s also not magnetic like real ones.



Coming soon.

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