My Review of DomainTools

First, I would like to clarify that this review is not of the content or service that DomainTools provides, but rather a review of their business practices.
I have enjoyed some of the limited free services that they provide.  They provide free Whois, DNS, and a few other lookup tools.  The types of lookups that use their database rather than just making an on-the-spot query cost money as expected.
A few days ago I did a Whois lookup and wanted to see what other domains were registered in that person’s name.  This is a paid report of an estimated $100.  I saw the link for a free trial of the paid account.  I signed up because they are a popular website and I expected I could delete my account when I was done.  As you may expect they require payment information so after the free trial they can bill me.  I entered a credit card expecting I could delete it later.