The Inside of a Laptop Battery

You might have heard the myth that laptop batteries are made up of normal batteries (mainly AA).  I did not believe that, but I decided to do some research online and found a few sources that said it was true and showed some pictures.  So I decided to grab my laptop battery and see if it was easy to open.  It seemed to be glued together, but I pried the front cover off of it and saw 2 holes in it.  By looking through the holes I saw something that looked like a C sized battery.  So I grabbed a C and AA battery and held it up to compare the size.  It was in between their sizes, so for me it was not a standard AA or C battery.  I did not pry the battery apart because it’s still in working condition, but I did find out that my Lithium-Ion battery is made up of smaller cylinders.

I do not have any pictures right now, but for my Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop that myth is true.


Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any of your actions.  Follow the instructions at your own risk.  Be careful, there is likely a printed warning saying NOT to open the battery and it will easily void the warranty.

Find a Microsoft Access Password (free)

Suppose you have a Microsoft Access file that is password protected, but you need access to it.  Assuming you are doing it legally you can “hack”, “crack”, etc. the password.  I have found a free program that will find the password; it’s called Access PassView.  It has some limitations, but it has no cost, and I have found it to have no viruses, spyware, or other malware.  it is also very fast; to me it seemed as fast as opening a small text file in notepad.



How to Turn Off System Restore

OS: Windows 7, Vista, or maybe XP
Time: 1-5 minutes

Reasons for turning off System Protection are: increased disk space, faster computer performance, and more.

The disadvantage of doing so is you will not be able to use System Restore or the "Previous Versions".


  1. Right click Computer in the Start menu and click Properties (or push Win(the flag)+Pause/Break)
  2. Click System protection
  3. In the list select the partition you want to turn System Restore off for
  4. Click Configure…
  5. Click “Turn off system protection” or another option if you wish
  6. Click OK two times and close the Control Panel window


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