The Inside of a Laptop Battery

You might have heard the myth that laptop batteries are made up of normal batteries (mainly AA).  I did not believe that, but I decided to do some research online and found a few sources that said it was true and showed some pictures.  So I decided to grab my laptop battery and see if it was easy to open.  It seemed to be glued together, but I pried the front cover off of it and saw 2 holes in it.  By looking through the holes I saw something that looked like a C sized battery.  So I grabbed a C and AA battery and held it up to compare the size.  It was in between their sizes, so for me it was not a standard AA or C battery.  I did not pry the battery apart because it’s still in working condition, but I did find out that my Lithium-Ion battery is made up of smaller cylinders.

I do not have any pictures right now, but for my Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop that myth is true.


Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any of your actions.  Follow the instructions at your own risk.  Be careful, there is likely a printed warning saying NOT to open the battery and it will easily void the warranty.

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