How to Boot from a Bootable ISO (From Flash Drive or Hard Drive)

The internet seems to be lacking on this subject, so here’s my guide that works for hard drives and flash drives.  It’s completely free to do.
WARNING: Follow at your own risk.  If you computer is unbootable I can assist, but I have no obligation.
  • Download my customized Grub4DOS package below.  It contains all the files you need except your .iso file.
  • Extract the files.grubinst_gui.exe

  • Right click grubinst_gui.exe and run as Administrator.
  • Select your flash drive or hard disk based on the size of the device.
    (1024 MB = 1 GB)
  • Click install.
  • Copy grldr and menu.lst to the drive.
  • Right click menu.lst and click edit or “Open With…” and select Notepad.
  • Customize the file by changing the title in all CAPS and change the 3 instances of YOURFILE to the name of your .iso file.
  • Copy the .iso file to the drive with grldr and menu.lst.
  • Boot from the device, it should work.