From watching Chris Pirillo’s live stream I heard about his pixieApps.  I got my virtual hands on all of them; I have tested them an like them.  I think they will be useful for me in the near future.  They all come with nice sample entries that show the general purpose of the app.  There are a few things I don’t like about them, but they are still very good.  I can only delete one entry at a time; if I want to delete all the sample ones I need to delete them all 1 at a time.  When I change something in the current item and go to a different item it won’t ask me if I want to save it or not, it just discards the changes.  When I hide the edit pane it animated going upward, but the show button is not on the top, it is on the left; it takes a little bit to get used to that.  Over all I think they apps are very good.  Thank you Chris Pirillo!  You can get the pixieApps for yourself at http://apps.pirillo.com/; you are able to set your own price from $0.01 to as much as you want.  They use Adobe Air so they are cross platform and will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.pixieApps

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