Piracy; YOU can do something about it!

This information is out of date, but it will stay online for archival purposes.

While browsing around the internet you probably have seen pirated software.  I have seen way too much of it to not do anything about it.  I feel like I’m not making a big difference in it, you probably will feel the same way.  If everybody felt that way, Microsoft would need to spend lots of money hiring a team to go find it that probably wouldn’t find it all.  With many people, who don’t feel significant, reporting there will be a lot taken down.  You might wonder, “Why should I help?”  If people cannot pirate it, they will need to buy it, if they buy it Microsoft gets money, with that money they will pay their employees to work on better software.  But if all the software keeps getting pirated Microsoft will not have enough money to pay for all their employees and will have to let some go.  With less employees working the progress will be slower and worse quality.  I would like piracy to stop for multiple reasons; I want good quality products, and I will likely have to pay less if everybody pays for the software.

If you would like to help stop piracy you can report what you find to .  I will be glad if people join me in stopping piracy.

Thank you for reading and joining me.


(I do not work for Microsoft, I am not getting paid for doing this, I just want better software)

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