I haven't written a blog post in a few days. I've been busy with other things and didn't have time to get to a blog post. Now I have time and a subject. As you probably have guessed by the name of my blog I've been using the Windows 7 beta as my primary OS. I was running Windows XP as a virtual machine under Windows 7 and my computer got a infamous blue screen of death saying that a secondary processor skipped a clock tick or something. I rebooted and everything looked fine, so I started my Windows Server 2003 virtual machine under a different virtual computer host and tried doing the same thing. I got another blue screen. I rebooted and told my computer to only use 1 core and tried doing the same thing I tried before. This time instead of a blue screen my computer just froze, the mouse wouldn't even move, and they keyboard was completely frozen too (num lock didn't turn on or off, that usually means everything is dead). I pushed the reset button on my computer and noticed that all the Windows services had been prevented from loading, I was not in safe mode though. I decided at that point a complete OS reinstall would be the best thing to do. The only problem with that is I currently have absolutely no Windows installation media. I do own 3 licenses for Windows Vista, I legally have Windows 7, I have 2 legal licenses of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. I let a friend borrow my Vista and Windows 7 install disks (completely legally). All the XP licenses were OEM copied with no install media, just a product key. The server OSes I acquired through Dreamspark, I did have install disks for them, but who wants to use a server OS for their desktop? Luckily I had installed Ubuntu Linux before using Wubi. Linux was still completely intact and usable, except for the fact that I was not used to the Gnome or even Linux interface and apps. My friend said he would be able to get the install media to me on Wednesday night, I probably won't be able to install it for a few days after that because I'll be busy. So currently I am using Ubuntu Linux on my primary computer. All this happened on Sunday (1 day before I wrote this blog post); now I am writing this blog on Monday night (using my XP laptop); I am posting this on Tuesday morning; I will probably get the installation media Wednesday night; I will likely format and reinstall on Thursday afternoon.

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