Windows Live Movie Maker Update Review

Not to be confused with the Vista/XP product Windows Movie Maker.  Windows Live Movie Maker has been updated on August 18th.  It has many major improvements over the previous version.  It still has the good-looking ribbon interface.

Noticeable improvements:

  • Titles, captions on the video
  • Better playback and editing
  • It now has a play head
  • Hover-preview video transitions/effects
  • Better audio leveling

There are more, but that’s the major ones I’ve found.  If you tried the previous one and disliked it because it’s lack of power, you will be more satisfied with this update.  It’s now comparable to Windows Movie Maker.  Depending on the features you use it might be better or worse.



The other Windows Live Products have been updated too, but they do not have as significant changes as Windows Live Movie Maker.

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