How to Make Money Online

Update: I do not suggest Google AdSense anymore.  If your account gets banned (e.g. a friend clicks your ads) it's basically impossible to get your account back; the appeal forms are useless for most people.

You’ve probably heard that title before.  This is not a scam or personal promotion, this is just my opinion and experience.
Who doesn’t want a little extra cash, the problem is how to get it.  There are many ways to do this.  On the internet usually the best way is to own a website and put ads on it.  A very popular ad network is Google AdSense.  You could create a blog, web game site, etc., the possibilities are endless.  You will not be able to just make a site and make money the next day.  It may take a while before you get many visitors to your website.  After you are getting a steady or growing stream of visitors you can start to think about making money.  It might be a while, but it will be worth it if you have the patience.  When you sign up for an account for ads it may take a few months to get accepted, during that time just continue improving your website and adding content.  After you get ads don’t stop, or your traffic will slowly dwindle and you won’t make any money.  As your traffic goes up, your money will go up.
To drive visitors to your website you can spend some money to advertise, or you could do a link exchange.  Another way is to include it in your signature on forums, just don’t spam.

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