My Review of Google+ Plus

I was excited to try out Google+ with all the good things I was hearing about it from friends. They finally opened invitations yesterday. A friend invited me and I was overjoyed to see what all the clammer was about. Too bad my fun was ruined with this message:

This feature is not available for your account
You must be over a certain age to use this feature.

Really Google? I'm 17 years old and you think I'm a little kid who can't handle Google+? So I did what every tech enthusiast would do; I found a friend with an account who is over 18 and got permission to use the account. I got the friend who sent me the invite to send one to the other account. I was excited when I got the invite. But that was short lived when I saw the usual message about being overcapacity.

My message to Google is: your invite system sucks really horribly and you should at least let high schoolers in without making them lie about their age. What's your target demographic? Facebook seems to consist of a lot of high schoolers.

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