Seamless XP Mode & USB Attaching

A big new thing with Windows 7 is “XP Mode”.  It has a “seamless” mode where the applications will appear as if they are running without a full OS (but they really are).  My webcam software does not work on Windows 7 yet, so I can run it in XP Mode and attach the USB camera and it will work.  But I want it to be seamless with the rest of my desktop.  But the problem is when in seamless mode I cannot attach USB devices.  But I found a work around.

  1. Open the full XP mode and attach the USB device.
  2. From the Windows 7 Start menu select the virtual application.
  3. Tell it to close the virtual machine.

And that’s it, your USB device should be attached and in seamless mode.


  1. Nice trick there. With the XP seamless modes, you can actually trick a lot of older hardware and now-unsupported by manufacturer hardware to work by doing this. This is great for a lot of us who have legacy hardware. I think a lot of this has been covered over on the official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here . As people have been finding tricks (and bugs) they have been reporting a lot of stuff over there. It is a massive treasure trove of information for finding small things here and there about internals of Windows 7.

  2. Could not attach the USB device. you can attach the USB device to a different port or restart the virtual machine and start again. Over and over and over.