How to Remove a Virus

The YouTube user named ferrai360 sent me a private message a while ago asking how to remove the Kollah and Evort V viruses. He (or she) also said the computer keeps shutting down.

First thing to do to keep the computer from shutting down, and to stop the virus from running we will boot into safe mode. Either turn the computer on or reboot it and hold F8 right after the BIOS screen (usually says the computer manufacture's name). A menu should come up with a list of items, if it doesn’t reboot and try again until you get it. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” and push enter. The computer should start to boot in a bit different way than normal.

When the computer is booted I suggest using a-squared Free. Go to and download a-squared, make sure you get the free version, not the free trial. After you download an install it update it and run a “Deep scan”. If it detects any medium or high risk items verify that they are not something that you use and it falsely detected. Check the ones that are bad and remove them.

Reboot your computer and if the virus is not gone you will need to either back up your data and reinstall the OS or get some more professional help.

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  1. thanx computergeek000
    for the advice
    i deleted the spyware
    by ferrai360
    now my problem is even more worse
    PLZ HELP!!!
    my computer keeps on freezing when restarting