Adobe Acrobat Student & Teacher + the Environment

Adobe has a great deal for students and teachers.  I happen to be the former.  After hunting around for the best deal I found Amazon had the best price ($69.99 on sale).  I thought “Great, I will have a product key to activate the expired trial tonight if it doesn’t take long to verify that I’m a student.”  I found the PC Download, but it was “Currently Unavailable”.  I settled for getting the box product with free shipping.  I like the warm fuzzy feelings of having an official-looking product key sticker.

Acquiring your serial numberWhen it arrived I was excited to find the product key and activate the trial.  I opened the box and found a piece of paper that had instructions for “Acquiring your serial number” with a product code.  It was Friday night when I submitted my proof eligibility so I had to wait until Monday before getting my product key.

What annoys me the most about this is that they suggest to use the 30-day trial while waiting.  I had already used up the trial so I had no access to Acrobat for about 6 days.

Why am I annoyed about the need to ship a product and verify my eligibility?  That is because the box that they shipped contained only ONE useful piece of information, the product code (not the product key to activate the product, but the code that I give to a 3rd party along with eligibility proof so they can give me a product key).  I believe it’s Adobe’s fault, not Amazon’s, fault that the PC Download is not “currently available”.  Thus to get the good deal I was forced to use the same amount of money to buy the boxed product that required a CD to be burnt, a box to be created and printed, the shipping courier to deliver the box to my house, the bubble envelope that went in the trash, and a few more things that the download version would not require.


But on the other side of things, I do not need to worry about burning my own CD or keeping track of the file.  I enjoy getting a physical product with my purchases because that’s what purchasing something felt like when I was a kid.